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How I Got Here

Never have I been without the presence of God.

Most often, He centers me, providing a peaceful background to my existence, a gentle voice and comfort in times of trial. Sometimes though, it's a loud roar, painful and exhausting, demanding that I listen and focus energy and attention.

This blog is a response to a message I believe I heard from God on November 13, 2020, the loud roar type of message, waking me in the early hours with a list of demands. The message is a familiar one but something I brushed aside until now. God made it impossible for me to continue to ignore Him and thus I must answer the call.

You may think me crazy but walking the path of God is so much easier than not. I choose to believe that God's requests are important, perhaps even life-or-death. There is an urgency that did not exist before, a timeline that I do not understand.

But, that's God's way. An expectation of trust and obedience regardless of imperfect understanding.

And so, I choose faith and must write or suffer.

Stained Glass
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