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Establish a Bulwark

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

A bulwark simply means a wall usually in the context of defensive operations during war. If you consider that we are, in essence, at war every day of our lives - against evil and discord perpetrated by the Devil - it makes sense that our core being, where God dwells in our heart, needs a wall and requires diligent protection.

Behind the wall is a firmament, your core being, made up of your belief system and identity, where only you and God are allowed. The content of this guarded space makes up who you are based on God's plans for your life. We spend our early life (ideally) filling this space as we learn about God, who we are as individuals, and what God wants us to do with the time we have been given.

The core being is then used to project yourself into the world. The core determines how we feel about people and experiences, how we react to situations, our approach to problems, and whether we tend to contentedness or malaise. The firmament serves as a response and engagement system for our lives. All these things influence how we behave in the world around us and how others perceive us.

Our self-projection in the world is malleable based on learning and experience but our core being should be relatively solid, set, and deterministic. When we experience trauma or abuse however, this core can falter and will require repair (or perhaps a complete reset). In some cases we are prevented as children from developing a core self and thus we must learn how to do so as adults. Mental illness too impacts our core selves and can make it difficult to know how to react appropriately to the world around us.

Through faith we make the bulwark impermeable - only God through the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell in that space that is "me". Each day as we put on the armor of God we prepare to guard ourselves and God's plans for us against the world, other people, and evil. If we let our guard down, the bulwark can be breached and our core selves affected by outside influence. Protection of the firmament is a challenge that goes to the very basis of faith - every time we stand against injustice, no matter how small, our core is tested. Each decision has the potential to betray God's plan so we must carefully assess how we live our lives to ensure that we are in alignment.

Faith in God first, everything else as a representation of who we are through that faith. We must both honor and protect God's creation by defending the bulwark and by projecting the content of the firmament into the world around us.

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