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Things I love and use that you might too. You will never find an Amazon or Walmart affiliate link on my site. I only link to businesses that have amazing, useful products while operating with ethics and morals worthy of your business. Enjoy!

Baronfig - Tools for Thinking

My favorite pens and paper productivity products. The Squire pen is by far my most adored writing implement. Check them out using my reference link to the left for $10 towards your $25+ purchase!

Ignatius Press


A fantastic site for purchasing Catholic books, videos, music, art and magazines. I highly recommend the Ignatius Study Bible for the New Testament as well as the individual Ignatius study guides for books of the bible (both OT and NT). I am anxiously awaiting the release of the consolidated Ignatius Study Bible for the Old Testament!

The Catholic Company


One stop for all things Catholic - books, gifts, rosaries, etc. I love browsing through their items, particularly around holidays.


Kindred makes their version of each book of the bible (currently limited to the four gospels but more coming) containing a combination of photographs and text that are quite stunning. Highly recommended if you enjoy collecting beautiful bibles.


reMarkable makes an exceptional tablet for writers, note takers, and list makers. I become concerned about losing all the paper floating around my office and tried out this amazing tool. It's not a tablet in the iPad sense but rather an electronic pad of paper with unlimited pages. And, it feels like writing on paper! With subscription you can sync with your favorite cloud storage service like iCloud and Dropbox. Now, if only it would connect with Evernote, I would be in heaven!

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